Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Weekend

Today is Friday. Later still need to go for the 1 hour class. Super duper sienz.

I've back Malacca for 3 days. But I'm indeed still in the CNY mood. Oh ya. Yesterday is Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to all people I love and all people that love me much. Are you the one? I believe you are the one. Keke..

But yesterday is just a normal day for me. I still as normal go to class still as normal eat and sleep. But ooh, I skip my meals yesterday. Don't know what to eat and no mood to go out for meal. I not even feel hungry even till now. Maybe whole day non-stop eating those CNY cookies and bak-gua. I'm feeling full just like what I felt at JB home. Hoho.

I so wish that I'm in KL now. So that I can meet up with Connie Dear or anyone I wish to meet.

Last night I made a really really ridiculous dream. Even me myself never think of that in real life but I done it in dream. I'm in loved with someone I loved before. HAHAHAHA! What a good Valentine's present for myself=.=lllll

Anyway weekend coming. I will be staying in Malacca staying in Ixora staying in my unit staying in my room staying in front my lappie. No date no outingz no gathering. Just drama and youtube and my favourite songs accompany me.



-waiseng- said...

me also part of the ones u wanna meet? hahaha...jz joking. I got a great day on v's day. I watched Jumper. Very nice movie. Then makan makan with a bunch of frens. who said v's day need couple couple geh? :D

crystal250886 said...

of course u are one of the ppl i wish to meet..keke:)
when is our next meeting? we seems damn long time never meet already:p
Jumper nice? later i maybe going watch..
if i'm in KL on v'day may i be the one of your 'bunch of frens'?:))
so next time v'day if i bored find u acc me la...hahaha