Monday, February 25, 2008

with coursemate.

Last night went out dinner with my coursemate. This is my ever first I think. Coz I seldom out with them since we became coursemate. Even got there will be just a simple lunch. So that consider the first for me=)

Went to Portuguese Settlement for seafood. I seldom been there when there is no xmas. But what I want to say is the portion is small for us. Isn't we look like small-eater?:p

Photo first before the dishes served.

My coursemate. *Me, MeiChing, HueSun, and PoiSze*
Actually there are five of us but one of them resist to take photo. I wonder why.

Ok. we just want to take the sea as background. Haha.

Here come our dishes.

Fried Sotong

Sambal Fish

Fried Kangkung

Lala Ginger


We choose this stall as there are many stalls there.

After that we went to Wing's Cafe as one of them is Wing's lover. Hahaha.
What we can do other than listening song live?


snap me when I thinking DEEPLY to win?=))

Am I too gamble-r as I'm the one who teaching them play cho-dai-di? OMG


Akira Wah said...

wahsai, portuguese food neh... I ate once before, but forgot to take photos, hahaha... but in Penang lar... hahaha...

So how was the food there? Nice?

-waiseng- said...

nice, I feel like eating the otak otak. :D

I've been staying there for a year during alpha, I nvr once been there b4. :(

crystal250886 said...

erm...i dunno it consider portuguese food or not..but that place live a lotz of portuguesian la:p

erm...depend what u ordered..the fish i ordered not that nice actually..~

akira, u can try next time when u come mlc:)

crystal250886 said...

the ota-ota is nice waiseng..!! i like it most:P

then u can try it next time when u come..hehe~