Friday, February 29, 2008

first driving

I'm reallyyyyyyyyyyy a typical blur queen!

Even the L license expired already also don't know. Aikssssss. Need to pay again for renewal. WHEN CAN I STOP BE SO BLUR?!! Anyway since today only I renew it, so I'm unable to start my driving lesson yet!~


When I thought I just wasting my time for wake up so GOOD uncle-teacher told me:
"Nvm la. I will teach you inside the driving centre only. Next time I only let you learn on road ok?"

WooHoo! Means I can drive a while today. Luckily I'm not wasting time.

Drive drive drive, I'm just stupid for catching the point of turning.

After around 1 hour 'class', my uncle-teacher straight away told me:
"I think you not able to finish learn in the selected 8 hours. You confirm need to book for extra hour for learning."

Ok I know I'm seriously do bad in driving. But your words depressed me much laa. It's truth I know but..............

Forget it. I'm ok for the extra pay since today I already spend the extra for renewal. My next is on end of March coz of the pack-ness of time slot booking. But my April will be full of driving lesson.

So everyone just wait for me. If u dare I can fetch u after I get my license. AND if u STILL dare after seeing what uncle-teacher told me and STILL dare I STILL willing to fetch u up.

Ooohh, tmr I bussing to KL. Alone. Due to my 'flexibility' I sms those I want to meet and ON my visit. I don't even believe on myself for that. I just too miss u guyssssssssssssss

See ya soon!


Akira Wah said...

wuu, take care of urself when driving ya... drive carefully oh....

crystal250886 said...

i will..thanks:)