Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CNY 2008

I'm just back from JB. Class already start yesterday but I back today evening. So unwilling to back actually. Everything at home make me wish to stay for longer time. Aiksss

Ok. No point for nagging here since I'm already in Malacca. Every year Chinese New Year my dad sure will decorate nicely for my sweet sweet home. This year for sure other than tidy up those old-rusty-stuffs, my dad focus much on decorate my house.

There are so many things make me feel the CNY even just at home.


Assorted CNY cookies

All in Red for CNY


Flower in plastic?!


Angpao Packss

Nin-Gou and Pomelo




This Year is Rat Year~ That's why Mickey and Minnie here!

Rat Deco~

CNY Deco

Choi-Shen *He keep singing Choi-Shen-Dou during this CNY=.=lll*

Today is the 6th day of CNY. I still in the CNY mood, which CNY means Holidays for me. Haha. So

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!


Sameer said...

wow, yr father is great he nicely decorated yr house....its looks nice any way happy CNY.......

crystal250886 said...

thanks for praising..he will feel very happy if he know this..happy CNY to u too=)

-waiseng- said...

ur hse deco nice lo. can i go tak ang pau? :D:D

crystal250886 said...

wait u free come jb only say la=))