Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cafe yumcha.

Last night went out with my dear housemates. At first they told me going YUM-CHA. What in my mind, yumcha=mamak stall. Miss goh requested for Wi-Fi since our house has been through the LINE-SUX period few days. As undergraduate student u should know it's quite hard to survive without internet. So at the end we went to Friend's Cafe for YUMCHA@.@~

It's 11.30pm already. So don't blame me for this tired-face.

Captured with SiawYin.

PeiYun aka LPP with her notes for quiz studying

Justine with her lappie

SiawYin. Erm, what she want to express with this expression?=))

This two pairs of slippers are totally same.
Top: LPP Bottom: Mine
Can u see the different after LPP wearing for quite some times and I just wore it not more than 10 times?:p

SiawYin's Caffe Mocha with my Friend's Tower.
It's big though. I can't finish it=.=lll

Ooohhh! My coursemate is in ICU now and unconcious. Friend, hope u will be safe and awake soon!

*praying hardly


Akira Wah said...

Coffee Mocha!!!! my favourite!!! hehe....

crystal250886 said...

hoho..but i prefer latte:p

Akira Wah said...

Haha, actually I love to drink coffee, so almost all types of coffee I also like... hehe...

crystal250886 said...

but for Starbuck i LOVE JavaChip!~

Akira Wah said...

Oh, same same... I love it tooo.... Java Frap Cream... hehe...