Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tebrau. Gathering.

Monday I dated my secondary-school-good-friends come out to have a gather. Unexpectedly both of them free and we come out after a short discussion. At first plan to go City Square but at the end went to Tebrau City.

Both of them are my buddies during secondary school. Ling studied same class with me since Form 3; while Honey never same class with me during my secondary school life. Yet, we still become the good buddies who shares and laughs and cries together. Many things happened and that do built up our relationship. They always know me understand me tolerance me. Love them much. Muackssss

I always tried to meet them up everytime I back JB. But Honey studying in Inti College and Ling studying in UTM and busying doing her part time tuition job. We always hard to meet each other. I know CNY will be the best chance for us to meet as my secondary-schoolmates like to gather at my house for...MAHJONG.

I just learned how to count the FAN. Can't wait to play mahjong this CNY!:p

Of course we took photos together. Lunch taken at Fun-Hei-Dei which is another HK restaurant located at second floor Tebrau City. The foods are sux so no food photos of that taken. After some short window-shopping we decided to sit down for hightea rather than walk no-destination. Lavender Cafe is the place.

Mango Pudding


Egg Mayonaise Crossaint

Capuccino with Caramel added

Here's go the photossssssss


Ling and her bf. Thanks for fetching us:)

Honey. She keep busy with her HP that day.@.@

Me and Ling

Ling and Honey

Me and Honey

A little girl which sat near with us keep looking to us when we chit-chatting. Especially me is the one who facing her she keep smilling to us! What a cute and adorable girl. I love babies who will give a sweet smile when u try to approach him/her. Babies are not suitable for being ignorance ok. That's why I not really like kids. =.=llll

Well the gathering is short for us and I'm waiting you guys to gather at my house for............MAHJONG!:D


Evelyn`Wann said...

hey my dear i come..haha ~

crystal250886 said...

welcoming here=)