Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm enjoying my weekend with my lovely family, so I got no time.

So this is definitely a scheduled post:p

25th reaching soon.........................


Sunway Pasta De Gohan

Yeah it's a sister outing. Seriously I love her so much. I think she loves me too:p

We always went out together for shopping, movie bla bla bla. I think without her my life will be boring enough:p

We went to Sunway Pyramid that day. After shopping we went to Pasta De Gohan for lunch:D:D




Peppers and Sauces

Seriously this is nice!

The portion too small@.@~

This only:p

Anyway, I still LOVE pasta. Especially fetuccini:)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Grace's Birthday

Celebrated my colleague, Grace's birthday at Sri Hartamas at Soul'ed Out. She don't even know we celebrate birthday for her. I still need to keep asking her go washroom with me so that they got chance to take out the birthday cake:p

Caesar Salad

Gordon Bleu


Cheese Naan

My favourite Sake Salmon Pizza!:)

Birthday Cake

Birthday girl with the cake.


Me and Eeling



Me and Grace

Eeling and Grace

Grace & Pang

Please be mannered a bit:p

Birthday girl have to take cake herself=))

Friday, August 7, 2009

Olive Tree

Seriously dessert is really tempted me. I always can't resist on testing any kind of dessert. Although I know it will make me get lots of fats and big stomach@.@

I love the lemon cheese flavour:D

Olive Tree in Pavillion.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My love.

My dear Jeen Jeen.

and My dear Corrine.

xoxo >3>3

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Girlfriend in 1U

Connie's birthday is on 10th June! And 3 of us planned to go somewhere to have a nice dinner in somewhere nice ambience:)

At the end we went to Pick N' Brew in 1U.

Cozy ambience+tasty food+girls chatting+camwhore session is always the best for me:D


Birthday Girl ConnieDear:D


This is the nicest I think:p

Chocolate? Mocha? Hmm I forgot:p

Muacks to my ConnieDear. U always the best and dear for me.xoxo


My curly hair after dyed my hair in Monsoon-ID. Sux like hell@.@~

When is the next we meet up? This week convo?:p

Happy Belated Birthday My Dear:*