Monday, April 28, 2008

birthday outdate post.

This is super-duper outdated laaa. But I just managed to get the photos from my dear classmate MeiChing due to both of our lack-sux-connection. =.=llll

Last Wednesday we went out to celebrate birthday for ShinHui. She is one of my classmates that help me a lot in many things. Really thanks her a lot. But you know what? It's a birthday celebration but no proper photos of birthday cake and birthday present. Hmmmmpphhhh~

That night we went to Alai for ikan bakar. Previously I only been to another famous spot for ikan bakar. This is my first time:D

There are many stalls in one roll but we choose this.

Prawn Bakar?!

Nasi Lemak seems is a MUST in Malacca Ikan Bakar stalls.

Some type of kepang.

Sweet Sour Fish?!

Fried Sotong. *My Favourite*

Ikan Bakar Kosong. I don't like this. It taste bitter@.@

We finish all this of course:)

IB Coursemate.
*ChoonYuen, ShinHui, Me and HueSun*

Birthday girl and me

Inside the car. I'm so scene-sensitive:P

After that move toward to Wing's. Someone favourite gua.

Hope u like our celebration for u.
*Upside Left to Downside Left*
*HueSun, me, ChoonYuen, Angel, ShinHui and MeiChing*

Our beverages. So colourful huh~

This is the photo with the birthday cake:))

Happy Birthday girl!:D

HueSun and me

Angel, HueSun and me

First time celebrate birthday for her. Every last birthday celebrate with uni-mate is so memorable to me. Unluckily I won't have the one:(

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Akira 思胜 said...

You all went to Malay stall and have those ikan bakar???