Monday, April 7, 2008

family is the most important part in my life.

Last Friday Daddy and Mummy came fetch me go KL find my dear Corrine and Jason. Although I still wondering of their 'suddenly' but everything goes well last weekend. I'm too enjoy the timez with my loved ones until I forget how cruel the outside world is.

Our main purpose is simple gathering. My dad get touched when I told him I got so long time didn't see him. Actually it's just two weeks ago the last time I saw him. Haha.

Breakfast with WanYin and SiawYin before I depart to KL on 5pm++.

Mummy's homemade PigRott Vinegar!
One of the favourite Mummy's dishes of mine~

Daddy's homemade 'Dou-Jiang-You-Tiao'!
Soya bean milk is freshly made one not bought from outside ok! So fresh!
So do the yau-cha-kuey. My dad another new 'talent'=))

Mummy's love lunch meal!!
The bee-hun so got mummy's feel. Siew-Bak is Corrine's favourite all the time!

After lunch we went to Bukit Tinggi Jusco. That's why I'm not able to meet Jessica and Connie dear! *Lost the chance to get my hug:P*

Oldtown teatime. Yuen-Yong make me think of Connie dear.

Know what is this?? Couple key chain man!
Don't think that this is mine(as I have no one to give) nor Corrine and Jason one.
Elo, thought both of u is hot-new-couple ah? Don't so sweet can bo??=))

Dinner time went to Sunway Pyramid for Ole-Ole Bali.

This is my second time to there. Nice decoration with Bali feel. As what Corrine told me la. I never been to Bali Island before also:P

Trio Set

Nasi Lemak Bali

Chocolate MilkShake

Banana Shake

Sour Mint Magarita

To Dear Jess, I didn't bought anything that day except a cleansing oil from Kose. See so guai I am!:D

The next day before we left KL, we went to Ikea and lunch. Ikea is such a place where things cheaper than others but my dad buy for RM5XX in Ikea! Things so cheap already u still can bought for such RM amount! Adui *mou-ngan-tai* Daddy also a shopaholic la! OMG:P

Lunch at Restoran Chin Choo which famous with zi-hun-geng. I don't even know how to write it in chinese@.@

Zi-Hun-Geng. Yummy:D

Lo mee-suah aka Oyster mee-suah

Fried Oyster with egg

Fried La-La

Fried Ice Cream! Woohoo~

Start to miss my loved ones already. Enjoy timez always pass so fast and now is the time for me to go for assignments, presentations, and driving lessons! Tomorrow I will go for my 4th time=)


BeverLy's Secret said...

super duper homesick after viewing your blog..

Akira 思胜 said...

Wei, don post so many food photos in one post lar, made me hungry lar!!!

aikz, going to find smthg to eat d... hehe...

crystal250886 said...

beverly, i always miss my parents when i'm away from them..aiksss

crystal250886 said...

akira, i'm food lover mah:P

Akira 思胜 said...

hahaha... me tooo....

visited my blog recently??? hehe... ^^