Friday, October 17, 2008

Ban Mee Again

That day I went to another Ban Mee again. Thanks to my colleague's intro and bringing:)

Full of white collar.

So nice~ But I prefer last time that one:D

Food Food Food..I want food..!!

How come my blog lately so SHORT??? Coz I update in office la..~ How to update so looooong?:P


TINTIN said...

Yum yum.. I love Pan Min so so much!

crystal250886 said...

let's go to eat:D

felicia said...

I've tried this ban mee b4... nice!

:: yvonne :: said...

haha.. then balik blog la.. then can blog long long jor... ^^

Wan Yian said...

I miss Malaysian food!!! T_______________T

Hey, where did u had this pan mee? It looks like a coffee shop in PJ :p

crystal250886 said...

wanyian, it's in PJ but not in coffee shop.. there is a restaurant selling ban mee only~