Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cheong K!

Oh my after wait for so long time the cheong k session (Jess know this:P), we finally date for sing k session! Yippie~ Although I wish to go Delicious more.. But seriously not for 1Utama that one. Not so nice laaaaa=.=lll

So happy going to meet u guys!:D (eye swollen like hell@.@)

Mr WaiSeng is busy with his babe:P

Waiting area

This is all we need in this session~

Sorry only both of us reached at first so he is my only model. Hmm, he not satisfied with what he taken?



Mr Busy's babe

Ooi i want natural..~ don't look here:P

Sing sing sing

With Yvonne. So happy to meet her and we had planned for the next:P

With Darling Jessica~

With Steven

With Mr Busy

Now only I realize I din take photo with KeatMeng:P

After that we went for Dome for high-tea..