Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Korean Daorae!

Yes I love korean food! Yes I love kimchi!

*Smile! Say kimchi!* Ok I'm lame@.@

My camera is lack of battery that day so I just able to take food photos.

I always like their chopsticks and spoon. Although the chopsticks are bloody hard to use =.=lll


Round table I prefer:)

This tea is sux!

Kind of instruction for the pot but in Korean how they expect us to understand?

This is the thing!



Lettuce, sauce and chilis :D Don't doubt me I'm telling u that that chili is damn nice! :)

Kind of miso soup


this photo make me wish to go again..!!!!!!

U know why it's look so bright? Coz I catch Mr WaiSeng's flash when he's taking photo:p

pengkang again

My favourite among all..!!! *Kimchi Soup*

pengkang again and again:p

FYI, I feel the NZX branch is lousier. So if can, don't go there:p


BeverLy's Secret said...

I must have some Korean BBQ too!!! Slurpppsss...

Joshua said...

I went there makan b4 too! Izit at Kota Damansara one?

Andrew said...

woooot~ yum yum!! i ate the one in kepong!! WHen i was working back in PICO then.. LOL haha best!!

yiwawa said...

Hi Crystal,I think i been this restaurant b4..but not kota damansara de..ard mont kiara thr..the food really nice lo..expecially the beef~~~~yummy~~

crystal250886 said...

beverly, yes u must have..!! :D

crystal250886 said...

Joshua, yaya it's at kota damansara!

nice kan? :)

crystal250886 said...

andrew, yes it's best especially kimchi!! :p

crystal250886 said...

yiwawa, hi! :)

ooo is it at sri hartamas? if not mistaken there got one branch..hehe

yes i found another korean food lover! :D

黑妞的妈 said...

klang seoul garden one nicer..wuhohu