Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RM1 Chicken

Cheap things not always equal to bad quality!

I've tried the 'yat man kei' (RM1 for the chicken) in Dragon-I. Not bad eat wehhh

Siew Long Bao! *My favourite always*

Ta-Da! This is the yat man kei. Nice ler~

My always always favourite in Dragon-I! Ngau lam Mee

Choon Yuen's. Not really nice in both physical and 'mental' :p

Theirs. Pai-Kut with SiChuan Noodle.




jdexign said...

RM1 for the chicken dish? really a must try

Anonymous said...

Wat's the term n condition sin?

-ritchie- said...

promotion period?