Monday, May 11, 2009

Sitiawan Short Weekend

Last 2 weeks, Daddy and Mummy purposely came to KL for.. Erm.. They said is coming visit us and Jason's Dad(He just been stung by bees in the small jungle in their kampung@.@). But whosoover also know he came for his dear grandson-JYDiong la..!!! Still need to say 1 mer.. :p

But this post I not going to post about his series first. Blek :D

TheFamous Lo-Laksa

TheFamous Normal-Asam Laksa

ABC Ice Kacang. I hate corns on top of that.

And the superduper yummy Cendol! *Drooling*

Ok la dun got babies photos but got ours:p

Siao ChaBorS(This is not us)

Me and Corrine

Me and Dear Mummy

Me and Dear Daddy


Felicia Lin said...

hey hey, send me ur email lar, i add u.. :)

-ritchie- said...
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-ritchie- said...

wat is lo-laksa?