Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Outingz in Malacca.

I've been leave Malacca for almost a month. Quite miss it actually. Maybe I'm too bored at home. Aikssssss

Well, the night before I move back to JB, I got the chance to out with WanYin and PeiYun. A place that every tourist define it as a MUST to go when visit Malacca. But seriously I've been living here for 4 years, not more than 10 times I went there:p

Jonker Street.

A MUST of cendol with sweet sweet gula melaka.

A MUST of asam laksa. Although I prefer nyonya laksa.

After meal and walk. Heineken represent everything.

Miss everything but here welcome my life in JB=)

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QuaChee said...

jonkers has an atmosphere which is quite nice. nice to know u enjoyed it, though not too many times hehe :)