Thursday, June 19, 2008

random JB life.

My photos for this entry were so so so so random. Please forgive me for the lack of update as my life here really damn boring.

woke up
read newspaper
online surfing
watch astro/dvd
family moments

Tell me who else life will bored than me???? So sorry for the lack of update. I just feel so lazy to sign in blogger as I got nothing to update, with some kind of guilty.

Only food make my day now:D

Kuey Tiao Kia as breakfast.
Wallet from us to Dear Daddy.

Chu Cheong Fun in TUTA.

Online shop of bagsssssss from Cardia.
Hightea with parents.

Fishball Noodle nice!

International Buffet in Taman Merdeka.

Homecook Dishes

Homemade Steamboat!


Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, really random photos all the way!!! Boring life? Just enjoy yourself then wont be so boring lor...

crystal250886 said...

enjoying as well as feeling bored:P