Friday, July 11, 2008

sorry for missing.

I’ve been so so so long time never been here. All is the streamyx fault!! Arrrgghhhh..

Just want to update my Taiwan trip. But the day after I back from Taiwan I’m unable to online. Now I just update in a café with wifi. Everything will be scheduled post coz I don’t think my home streamyx will be fixed in coming days=.=llll

22nd of June is the day I went on flight to Taiwan. Since last time go abroad by plane to Korea, I’ve been 5 years never on flight. Excited I am? Not really. Coz I seriously hate to take plane. I easily get dizzy and uncomfort on the plane. No matter how high class is the plane. This time we were with Jetstar, at Singapore Changi Terminal 1. I have totally no idea this flight company is the cheap or high class 1. I just know I hate plane@.@

I had took 800++ photos within this 9 days. After came back only found, it’s considered too less. A bit regret but nothing can do, I just do appreciate the moments I shared with my lovely girlsJ

On 22nd, we reached Changi quite early. Coz from JB all along to Singapore, it’s always traffic jam especially on Sunday morning. So we depart from Miss Ng’s home earlier. At the end no traffic jam and we reach early at Changi. So starting our photo shoot! We want totally looked like tourist mah:D

Miss Goh with her PRO camera. She brought 1 PRO 1 digi@.@

Me with Miss Ng.

Me with Miss Goh.

Both of them

Our luggage

Can see our flight or not?:p

We are on counter 4.


Me with Miss Ng

In the skytrain which can fetched us through the three terminal available there.

Actually I just want to shoot the lengzei angmoh behind her=))

Terminal 2



My passport and boarding pass. A piece of paper only?@.@

Subway in airport.

I’m not dare to take any food before boarding. I scared of the dizziness make me vomit. So at the end I’m starving all the way to Taiwan=.=lll

Our plane

Waiting after checked in


No heels of course:p

Miss Ng and Miss Goh

Why so high?=))

Plane in the air, and cloud.

Reach reach! We reached Taiwan………………………….


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Haha, welcome back ya!
Waiting for more photos at Taiwan!

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