Friday, July 11, 2008

Reached Taiwan!!

We reached!! Actually we had totally no traveling abroad feelings. Coz all people around us is Chinese. We just feel like we went somewhere in Malaysia with a lot of Chinese only. Haha. So all the way we trying to make ourselves felt we were traveling:P

Taipei TaoYuan Airport

We bought double way bus ticket. So that we can straight away reach our hotel without taking MRT or other public bus.

On the way to hotel

Oh ya, we apply this youth card. It is specially design for youth, like us. Actually it is for student gua. I know I'm not considered a student anymore but this card gave many discounts in some travel spot or even restaurant. Too bad we not really read the guide given so some times we just realized the card can be used after we finish visit the spot@.@

We stayed one night in Taipei and the day after will be depart to Taizhung. Don't thought we booked such big room for only 3 of us. This room given to us just because we checked in at late night temporarily no twin sharing room. Haha.

After that we went to the night market nearby our hotel. I think the most frequent place that we settled our meal is in the night market. A lotz of night market available everywhere so after the first few days passed, we just went for those FAMOUS night market. The food are actually quite similar laa.

Green Bean with Taufu Fa and FenYuan

Loh-Bak Rice Shop

A lotz of people on the Sunday night

Loh Bak Rice with something tasted weird=.=lll

Cold MuaChi



See this shop? There were a long long queque outside it.

Our famous words all along the trip: There wouldn't be without reason for a shop with long queque.

So we decided take the queque and buy the famous Manggo Iced.

Da-Da! The manggo is so so so big and sweet! Our new favourite in Taiwan:D

We passed by the playing machine shop and this is the favourite place of Miss Goh in Taiwan. She always stopped by and go for a look when she saw this kind of shop.

So cute!

She trying to get the mini mahjong set but she failed:P

The BBQ stall with a lot of fresh seafood stick

We ate too much so we just got ourselves a stick of squid stick at this stall.

Oyster Fried! Famous food in Taiwan. Every night market will got at least one famous stall of it.

Hi Life. It is just like the 7-Eleven here. Oh, the 7-Eleven and this shop all around Taiwan. U can easily get it wherever u go.

The 7-eleven there is so different with Msia. U can post your stuff over there, placed the deposit, make CD booking, bla bla bla bla......and the beverages and foods sold is so various and make me wish to take each of them back!:D

See. Lotz of drinks for u to choose..................:p

I bought these..

And we bought this:P

Miss Goh!~

Going TaiZhung on the next day.....................................................

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