Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Natural trip.

25th of June, we went to WuLai. This is the place where famous with hot spring and waterfall. There are many hot spring centre built in that area. Actually this place is not in our plan la. But after met up with Tuck Fai, he suggested some other interesting spots to us. This is where he suggested. Oh I want to mentioned, if can don't travel to coutries with seasons in summer. It's really hot. Hot like hell really. Hotter a lot than Malaysia lo. Almost faint when the sun hanging high up there@.@

There are many breakfast restaurant available everywhere. Got sandwiches, burgers, soya bean m ilk, and a lot of delicious set breakfast.

We need to take bus from this station to WuLai.

It's took us around 45 mins to WuLai. Other than many hot spring centre, there is an amusement park and resort. There used to be full of tourists every holidays or weekends, but after some times this place slowly been developed into nature protection spot. So a lot of facilities had been closed.

We took taxi to travel around. Actually Taiwan taxi not really expensive consider with Malaysia.

Buying cable car ticket

Main Centre

Cable Particular

Took inside washroom with Miss Ng.

With Miss Goh.

Cable car

Other than particular spot, we actually just can see the waterfall from far sight.

Miss Goh

Miss Ng


View from cable car


Me with waterfall

Miss Goh

Yun Hsien Park & Resort

Far Sight

Waterfall View Spot

Birdview of YunHsien

Miss Ng acting pro:p


So lady eh:D


and walk

'Don't stay here. Pass quickly.'

'Take a break. And breathe!'

The nearest waterfall



Boat Ride



Clearly water

Wow. Two lenglui tourist:p

Miss Ng with her new digi cam.

Rock with moss

Step into water

hanging bridge

view from bridge

what kind of expression is this?@.@


Children Park

Gymnastic Swing. I want to play but nobody work on it.

Butterfly Garden without butterfly.

Us in the little train

Little Train station

Street view



Old Street

Lunch time! It's time to try Taiwan food again.


Bamboo Rice


Hot Spring Preserved Egg

Alongside the stream got Big Sun Shades rented. NTD 100 per shade.

See the old man sit under the shade? He came with his wife and both of them are so friendly. I Love Taiwanese!!

So hot eh?

So big contrast

My leg been sunburned. Till now still got the mark:(

I love nature! Although it's damn hot@.@

At the night we went to Taiwan Story Land....................................


Akira 思胜 said...

Nice photos at there oh, u really made me wanna go to there lor...

crystal250886 said...

then plan yourself a trip to there:D