Sunday, July 13, 2008

Taizhung TaiTie.

 23rd, we headed to Taizhung. So of course we need take the train lo. But all of us is self-plan trip, so everything we need to explore ourselves.


Our breakfast before depart to Taizhung. *Oyster Mi Suah*

The map of Taipei Train Station

Queque Queque Queque
Finally our clever Miss Goh figured out we should take what kind of train to Taizhung. There were two types: one more cheaper but take longer time; another one can reach there soon but more expensive. We were on budget trip, of course we chose the cheaper 1 la:P

This is the train in Taiwan. Also called TaiTie.

Scenery along the way.

There were a digital rectangular screen updating with u what is the next station and what is the latest function happening around. 

This thing can let u put your ticket in so that when u sleeping the ticketer can check your ticket without waking u up. So caring:D

Stop staring at me Miss Goh:p

Toilet bowl tool?@.@

Taizhung Train Station

Our hotel in Taizhung

Our room


A famous iced dessert shop in Taiwan. I can see a lot of branch all along Taiwan.

A lot of choice.

I like Taiwanese. They are so friendly and passionate.


They will give u a ��bibi call��. So when your order is ready to served, u can go the counter and get your dessert. No need to stand there and wait for them.

Forget what the name of this dessert. But it nice!

A not-so-famous shopping centre that nearby our hotel.

Every stall of their food court got pretty and attractive displays of their food choices.

Food Court


We ordered this

And this


Famous TaiYangBing shop in Taizhung

Actually we planned to back hotel after whole day walk around. But on the way we took taxi back to hotel, the friendly taxi driver told us, if we never been to FengJia Nightmarket in Taizhung, we cannot considered we��ve been here. So����������������..

We were there!

The nightmarket there not like ours. There were a lot of food stalls and also the shops that we can shop around. I already start my shopping trip start from there. Keke~

A special dishes in Taiwan. LanRenXia. Some kind of prawn that can straight away eat without remove the prawn shell. Too many people quequeing up but we were too lazy to queque. So at the end we didn��t ate it:P

Shop Shop Shop till drop~

The next day we been to RiYue Lake before we back to Taipei��������������������...


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