Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Story make our life.

After finish visit WuLai hot spring and waterfall, we went to Taiwan Story Land. It located in Taipei of course we able to go there by MRT. Here is a place where old street view will be shown and u can find a lot of old style shop inside. U will just feel like walk in old street of Taiwan.

Before entered

Ta-Da! We reached.

Accidentally saw my laogong there:P

The birdview of Taiwan Story Land

The entrance

This showed u there are currently 75 ppl inside.

The transformation of bicycle

Selling stamp

Our parents will found them familiar.

Old style ciggrates

Old street view

Road stall

Hot spring hotel

old style vs modern style:p

Postman~La la la


Di-Yi grocery store

Police station

The advertisement

Medical Centre


Antique car

Ice Shop


Red Lantern

Movie Preview

Advertisement Ride

Kids wears uniform

Anyone want come to buy shoes? Eh eh eh.. Whose leg is there?=.=lll

Selling Taiwan famous foods

Imitating the pic behind=))


U want to interview become dancing girl?:P



Old style motorcycle

Movie broadcast machine

Cinema ticket counter

Trying to get in the lorry? Haha.


Washing place in front of washroom

beautiful clothes

Tuition class advertisement


How come everyone so like to be hawker?:p

Meeting Hall

Barber shop

Photography shop

Sweetie who are u waiting for?

Selling chinese medicine

Miss Ng

Fire extiguisher

There NTD100 voucher together with each of the ticket we bought. So we can buy some foods selling in the foodcourt there.

This prawn roll is so so so delicious!

Bubble advertisement?@.@



Miss, can I check in my room now?

Old style radio player

Traditional Show Case

Funny egg cake we bought

Every guys and girls listen to me!

Stop playing!



Local food shop

Wedding cake shop


Handmade clothes making

Selling tea leaf

Street Lamp

The next day we will have a Taipei City Walk......................................


-waiseng- said...

Is it summer over there? y all wear short short wan?

crystal250886 said...

yaya..quite hot over there.