Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finally I saw where celebrities shoot their MV.

27th of June, we went to Tamshui Fisherman's Wharf. It's a famous spot in Taiwan where a lot of celebrities shoot their MV there. Celebrities like to hold their concert or fans gathering there too.

Can see a lot of boats and ships around the wharf.

This bridge represent the symbol of Tamshui.

U can cross over it.

YingHua and Miss Ng. She's a pretty taiwanese that very friendly and caring.

YingHua said a lot of celebrities like to shoot their MV over here.

The wharf song?@.@

Under the bridge

Three of them

Me on the bridge!

There are other places around the wraft too.

Another spot is the Tamshui Old Street. So we decided to take boat ride go over there.

Lunch time:D

Famous delicacy of Tamshui. A-Gei.

The ONLY three fishball soup=.=llllll

Miss Goh with her pro.

Keep raining there so I forgot to take the photo of Old Street. Aikssss

After finish visit Tamshui, we took bus and went back to Taipei town. YingHua introduced us a famous donut in Taiwan. This can't be found in Malaysia but the donut they made are quite similiar with Big Apple or J.Co Donut.

Quite delicious I just can say.

Before went to Xi-Men-Ding, we having our late lunch at WeiQian Ramen. This ramen restaurant didn't available in Malaysia but the nearest one is Singapore. So I think JB-ian maybe taste that before in Singapore. We can saw the advertisment in Sg Tv programme too. The food is quite delicious compare to any ramen restaurant over here.

No wonder I found the gong-zei logo so familiar.

Me and YingHua

Curry Ramen

Hong-Shao Beef Ramen

Japanese Curry Rice

At the night after met up with YingHua's two another friendly Taiwanese friends, we went to Xi-Men-Ding.............................


Akira 思胜 said...

The bridge is nice!!! But not that big enough! Haha...

crystal250886 said...

big enough lo..
maybe my photo shooting skill not that good:p