Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Daily thingy again.

Finally I had finished my Taiwan posts. Seriously I had a great Taiwan trip with Justine and Cherish. They brought a lot of laughy to me. And sorry for my bad temper. I just too wish to be my own. Sorry for that:P

Anyway, I still wish for the next. Just don't know where will be that and when will be that.

Currently I'm staying in KL for finding job. I've been slacking in home for almost 2 months. Everyday the most frequent websites I visited is Jobstreet and Hotmail. Tll now I had been to 2 interviews and still waiting for reply. Maybe coming will be more yet but I'm going back JB soon. Hopefully last Thursday interview can be success:)

I starting feel losing confidence on myself. Don't know what I looking for and don't know what I can be. I'm just losing.

And the most deepin feeling of mine recently is feeling.......................


Don't blame me for feeling this coz I don't know why I feeling this.

Just want to enter something here. And I going for celebration tonight! Yippie~



Akira 思胜 said...

Wish u get through of the interview ya... =)

. Jäcky . said...

staying in kl where a? you are in kl?

crystal250886 said...

akira, thanks:)

crystal250886 said...

jacky, yaya. i stay in setia alam now.