Friday, July 18, 2008

So cute!

After back from MaoKong, we met up with Tuck Fai and went to Miniatures Museum of Taiwan. I think seldom got local Taiwanese will been to this place gua. Coz even Tuck Fai study there some years he never been that place too:P

Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

The miniature of ticket counter


Below will be all the pictures only as most of them I can't remember what is the theme name I just found them cute! Especially I like the miniatures of food! They are so lovely! So sorry for no caption for most of them:p


Old style toy

Inside the house got various furniture miniature too.

model in egg


The story of Tree


Their life

The story of Pinocchio!

I love Christmas!

Little girl's room

Musical room?

Some kind of fairy tale

The smallest TV in the world is the rectangular box on the bottom right side

Snow princess and the seven dwarves

Miniatures of human

Miniatures of fairy tales characters

Miniatures of food!

Alice Wonderland

Double storey tim:p

Phantom of Operah

Street view

The kitchen

Bakery shop

Garage store

Miniatures of antique cars


Granny's Kitchen. The food look so delicious!



The water is so real..

Another mini TV

Miss Ng and Tuck Fai

Japan street view?


Miss Goh and Miss Ng

Tuck Fai

Don't forget all of them is in mini size! It so amaze me....

After finish visit this place, we only realize we haven't take lunch. Another late lunch again, so we went to a HongKong style restaurant Ding Tai Fung...............................

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