Monday, July 14, 2008

Sun Moon Lake in Meet You Again.

24th of June, we went to Sun Moon Lake in Taizhung. A famous tourist spot that included in the eight places that recommended in Taiwan Tourist Year. We departed from our hotel by bus to there.

Miss Goh look so lonely?:P




The bus that we took can let the passenger to different places. We went to Sun Moon Lake but some of them went to this spot. JiuZu Culture Village.

After 1 hour plus, we reached here. The bus dropped us here and we need to come back here to take the same bus back either on 3.30pm or 5pm.

Postcard available.

Of course we need to filled in our stomach on the lunch time.


We ordered this to share.

And of course this. Sorry I really can��t remember the names of them.

Road scene

This is the eletri-bicycle. This kind of bicycle use the motor to move on. I don��t know to ride the old style bicycle of course don��t know how to ride this la:P

Miss Goh with her kia-kia pose=))

At the end we decided to take taxi. Haha. Coz if take the auto bicycle, don��t know need to use how much time to reach the next destination. The taxi driver there gave us a package that he will fetch us to 4 famous spots and wait for us all along. It��s only cost us NTD200. Of course we chose this lo.

This is the famous temple called WenWu Temple there. Only this spot can take the complete view of Sun Moon Lake.

Peaceful and comfort.

Me with Sun Moon

Miss Goh

WenWu Temple


U can write down your wishes on the small wood hanging together with windbell.

And hang it here.

Me with a lot of wishes.

The bird view of WenWu Temple.

This is flower pot or water pot?@.@


Windbell Stair

There famous with this.

Next we went to another three spots around Sun Moon Lake����������������������


Akira 思胜 said...

I wanna go to the temple for once! It is so nice!!!

crystal250886 said...

u really can go and have a visit!