Sunday, November 2, 2008

Outingz with darling

Last monday is the public holiday. I had dated Jess Darling meet up. Feel like so long time din meet up with her. Oh I want meet Connie dear too..!!!! too bad she not free that day:(

We went to 1U for lunch and shopping spree..~~~~~~~~

Sushi Zanmai for lunch!:D



Lotz of ppl queque-ing outside!


We sit along the sushi bar.

As usual, Jess Darl order her beloved unagi set~

I ordered the ebi set:D Ok I know u can't even see the ebi. Covered by seaweed already mah~

We ordered some plates but this is the most special I consider. But it just LOOK special but taste......=.=lll

Green Tea is always the BEST with Japanese delicacies~


Next is our shopping..!!!!!:D


TINTIN said...

All the food looks so yummy!~

crystal250886 said...

yup it is!:D