Tuesday, November 18, 2008

With Yvonne

I've been to Full House outingz with Yvonne. Such a nice time with her and sure we will have next!:D

Where is the next? Ban Mee?

Seriously, Full House is a nice place for photo shooting. See how much I took then u will know:P

Lunch loo

Cute comics

Blogger in action:P


spoon and fork

We ordered set lunch.

Lime Juice

Plus creamy mushroom soup

Plus main set (mine is carbonara)

(Her is dori fish)

Plus a cup of ice cream! I love the ice cream so much!

So suit her shirt:p

Before shooting sure camwho first lo:D

Here u go the photo series~~~~

Selling shirts

and accessories


Frame corner

OMG accidentally shoot myself in=))

Cutie Doggie

I want this! hoho~

Poo Poo Car at the main entrance

There is actually the plan theme in that..Just like home~

No welcome but go back home loo

I will come here over and over again~


Satkuru said...

i have always heard about people talking about this place but i have no clue where is it actually :P

looks very nice :D

crystal250886 said...

satkuru, u should go and have a look! it's seriously nice!:D

Hugo Lim said...

aka.. rumah penuh.. lalalaa

crystal250886 said...

hugo, translate till malay tim@.@

leo said...

wanted to go there but no chance..
n somemore i dun know how to go, should teach me how o go ma..haha..

~ Welcome To My World ~ said...
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