Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shopping Spreeeeeeee

Before the Halloween spirit we felt in 1U, I miss the shopping spree with Jess Darling more..~

I love this shirt so much!

Jess Darl look so cute with this hat la:D



Jess: Can't find u out on the end of the month~


kang yong said...

I never been 1U and The Curve =.=!
Duno how to go.. lol

Jessica said...


i really lurve the hat o.
but boh lui~~~ *sobz*

connie had pre-booked me for shopping at next pre-shopping for xmas and CNY!!

so girl, tighten up ur wallet for now. =P

= FLoReNcE = said...

Ei ei...tell me where's the forever21???

crystal250886 said...

kangyong, it's just so near my home:P

crystal250886 said...

jessica, can't wait for the NEXT shopping trip with u gals!

crystal250886 said...

florence, u mean inside 1U?
I forgot which floor jor but seems is 2nd floor~