Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bangsar Shop Shop Shop!

Hi everyone I'm back! I know I've been missing so long time but recently quite lazy+no time to update. Please give me sometimes to update my load of photos@.@

Continue from last post, the last day before Miss Justine went back JB, we went to Bangsar to do some shopping. Many ppl asked me: "Buy CNY clothes already?" My answer always be: "A bit lo"


My mum said:"U no need buy CNY clothes 1 u buy clothes all along the year also........."

Before start shopping we went MCD for breakfast first..

She's reading newspaper.



Shop Shop Shop and we go for teatime. Can consider as lunch also la actually:p


She's reading magazine.

I love shopping!

Miss Justine

My favourite Butterscotch!!!





Oops I haven't blog about my xmas!!

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