Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pasta Zanmai with Sushi Zanmai Full@.@

After went to Full House, we went over 1U to do some shopping and see the xmas deco over there. Seriously the Xmas deco there not so nice. If compare to The Curve..Oops! I forgot to blog about the Xmas deco in The Curve:P

Just like this only@.@

Us. With my half face and her whole face~

After some shopping we went to Pasta Zanmai for dinner. Planned to go Sushi Zanmai for dinner 1 but the queque seriously too long=.=lll

So at the end we went to their zi-mui restaurant - Pasta Zanmai

Got lengzei chef in the open-style kitchen=))

Testing my new bought BB Cream from Etude House. Don't get misunderstood by my expression in the photo. Seriously the effect is so far not bad for me. Hehe~

I love this

I ordering green tea leh. How come the glasses given look like I'm order liquid?@.@

Pot nice laaa:P

Why my eyes seems red??

Camwho more suit me:D

My beef pasta. Seriously the sesame taste too heavy@.@

Justine's Unagi pasta. This one nicer loooo

Xmas is around and I'm so excited about that! What about u?:)

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~*A.u.d.r.e.y*~ said...

Oo...looks yummy..but is it cheese??? I cant take sad!