Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seafood Crabby!

OMG I've been dumped my blog for soooooooooo long time~

Recently busy with work. I not kidding. Recently due to year end damn many reports and letters need to be prepared. A lot of calls need to be made and I seriously no time to even log in here to update my blog@.@

Here am I. Since I finished part of time-less to be completed work, come here 'snake' a while:P

Oh ya I'm now only free to log in Plurk and Pet Society! Hahaha!

Few weeks ago I went seafood feast with my ex-coursemate. This time not more pancake but delicious crabby!:D

Cheesy Crab. My favourite all the time. But not theirs:(

Ham-Dan Crabby

The bun for cheese sauceeee:D Damn nice~~~~

This sweet and sour sotong damn small portion@.@

Jiu-Pai Taufu


The crab seriously damn nice and cheap! But with terms and condition, which is u cannot only order crabs but must with additional 2 more dishes=.=lllll

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