Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Full House again

K la I know ppl saw Full House post in my blog read till sien le. So please allowed me put some portrait photo here can bo??

*No more intro and recommendation for Full House I promise:P*

Mr WaiSeng and Mr Steven

Jessica Darling and me

A bit la. The cute kacao-spoon


Justine said...

y no more recommendation?i want to go on this coming weekend ler:p

crystal250886 said...

hahaha still can go also what..
coz i already blog twice abt this place la...
sien already:P

~ Welcome To My World ~ said...

may i knw where is it actually? I'm wanna go there n look look..hehhe

~*A.u.d.r.e.y*~ said...

Sooo many ppl blogging about this place..i'm so gonna visit it soon~