Tuesday, December 9, 2008

pancake only suitable for dessert.

Last 2 weeks I went to The Curve Paddington House of Pancake for dinner. Went with my ex-coursemates and we had lot of chit-chat about works, life, love and all. I just so love this kind of session:D

The menu

Light above me

Combine table

MeiChing with the menu

ChoonYuen and me

MeiChing and HueSun




My Hot Chocolate

MeiChing with her drink

HueSun's Salmon

She dun like I take her photo@.@

ChoonYuen's Stacks

MeiChing's. It seems same sauces served with the previous photo.

She just sat opposite me so lot of her photo:P

Me with the.............

It's damn not nice!

Pancake really only suitable for dessert=.=llll

Conclusion: I don't like the main course, at all.


Billy said...

yumm yumm..
I should try it someday..
Seems like a great place to hang out with buddies eh? =P

Des said...

Hmmm I been to the same one in Queensbay Mall Penang.

More or less the same as well... but your pic definitely SELLS!

Now, I am so wanted to drive right away to The Curve, although I just returned from dining at Marche Movenpick...