Saturday, January 17, 2009

Singapore Trip II

At night, we went to Clarke Quay to have a walk. My parents said when I was a child, I had been there long long time ago. Even I had take the boat ride before. But seriously I totally forgot about that@.@

The street

Directory Wall

Along Riverside

The bridge

With Mummy:*


After that we went dinner. My uncle said he wish to bring us for this for long time ago since nobody in Msia had ever got such idea. Isit?

Lot of choices

Quite nice

There are also some entertainment there..

Gmax Reverse Bungy & GX 5 Extreme Swing

I'm old already........=.=lll


黑妞的妈 said...

tat time u still so "ngong" possible to remember u've been there??hahah...

Satkuru said...

i did that bungee thingy when it was here in kl tower and i almost died of heart attack @_@ LOL but it was a good experience :D