Saturday, March 29, 2008

I want break!

Just finish 1 midterm paper just now. Feel so exhausted and willing to have a rest. However, I can't. I got 2 assignments need to submit to my groupmates for them to combine and finalize on yesterday. But I just able to submit one of them and another left incomplete. Feel so guilty for that. So after finish my midterm paper and 'youtube-ing' a while, I start to do my assignments.

Aikss. Normally I will let myself be relax after a paper end. But tonight....................

Feel very sleepy now. Still got some haven't complete. Well guess have to complete tomorrow morning and send to my groupmates as soon as possible.

Piles of works waiting for me. Midterm not yet end, at the same time need to do LOT of assignments and term paper! Presentation will start from 2 weeks later! It's just so stressssssss out here. Is it time for me to bang toward my room's wall? =.=lll

Yet, Mystique will be coming soon. It's kind of Prom-Nite for this year. But it's name is Mystique-A Fair Tale Ending. It's held on the Saturday night 2 weeks later. Well, I never attend any of them in the past 3 years. As I will graduate soon so it seems to be a MUST for me to go before I leave.

Previously often heard ppl said hairdo and makeup will be done by pro-stylist. But guess what? I'm planning to done it by myself! Although I don't think I can but I will give a good try. Need to some magazine reading of my 16 pieces! No need to do for people only myself what. So any consequences will be taken by me only:P

I know now is the time for assignment-doing and midterm-reading. But...........................

I wish to have some magazing-researching first! So that I can figure out what kind of makeup and hairdo I wish to do for myself.

I'm not pro!=))

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Akira 思胜 said...

Take care oh, don get too tired on ur works ya...