Thursday, March 13, 2008


I love girls outingz. Really like. Really like.

But I forgot to take photos together with my Connie dear last time la.

Nvm. We still enjoy our times a lot. And spent a lot too! Hoho@.@

We went for shopping in 1U. Walk and walk and walk. Buy and buy and buy. Shop non-stop. Not window shopping leh. I want shop with u again!:P

She bring me to Italiannies for dinner. Thanks for her treat and the big portion! Now think back feel hungry already=))

My usual. Hot Chocolate.

2 person Caesar Salad. Olive only she love.

2 person Carbonara Spaghetti. Both of us love the cheesyyyyyy.

She is my Connie dear.

dear Crystal

I really thought it's just short shop.

After a whole day, this is the result. Bags make our hand full. Hohoho! This is only mine ok.

After met up with KY and have a drink at Prince Cafe. Elo friend! U will get fatter with the late-night-tomyam ok! Doesn't matter how much gym u done=.=llll

I miss girl outingz. I love girl outingz. I need girl outingz!



connie said...

my dear!!

its undeniable that we really had a great time! I cant wait for your next trip up to KL again! Then we can have more girly trips to the mall again ya? ;P

Take care babes. I miss u sooo much!

crystal250886 said...

my dear!

i wish to go KL find u soon too!! can't wait to seee u again...

missing u already....................!

Akira Wah said...

Caesar Salad!!!!!! My favorite!!!! *grrrr, I wanna go to eat already... hehe.....