Thursday, March 27, 2008

white cream.

Midterm break I able to meet up with some friends. That day met up with HanNee again for lunch. Coz we settled want to yumcha at the night before, with some other friends, but end up she not free so the appointment cancel. She came lunch with me on the next day. Keke~

She told me a lot of new cafe opened around Sutera. Actually everytime my parents brought me to Tea Garden for breakfast, my dad like to drive around that area to explore new food spot so that next time we can have a try. So actually I know there are new cafe for me but never went it before. Wish to have a try at Pure Fruit Bar 1, but it only open when I leave. I want try next time!

Eyeliner crazy.

Axtivo Cafe.

I like the environment there. And so do to their service. They will greet u with "Welcome Home" when u came in. It's just like a home as yours.
The place I sat is just like a living room. Got tv set and cupboard.

Customers in and out and the seat there never been empty.

My Hot Chocolate!

HanNee's Mint.......forgot the name already la.
I just know it taste really weird!@.@

HanNee only ordered fruit salad.
That's why she so skinny man.

Unlike me, eat this so-called WHITE SAUCE CHICKEN SPAGHETTI.
For me WHITE SAUCE is sort of creamy or cheesy, but do u know what is this taste?
It's just the totally same sauce as chinese wat-tan-ho. OMFG

We didn't took any photos as we really chat a lot till forget the time. We sat from lunch time until the dinner one. Until I recall my mum ask me back home for dinner only we realize the time pass so fast.

So miss the timez for chit-chatting.
Next time chill-out-sharing-session will be with who?

Hopefully will be YOU!:D


Akira 思胜 said...

The restaurant's environment is nice eh... Where is it ah?

crystal250886 said...

it's at JB Taman Sutera:)

Akira 思胜 said...

wah, far far neh... haha...