Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free Movie Ticket!

Yes I'm back. Hopefully the next one won't be too long time away:p

I won 2 movie tickets online! My luck for winning something like very slim all along my life, so seriously I suspect this contest kind of..cheat:p

Anyway I get to watch "Drag Me To Hell" for free. No doubt horror movie is one of my favourite kind of movie, but it's not my sis's. But I still drag her acc me go watch. Hoho. and FYI, the another 4 gals that sit same roll with us, their bags is like.. whole movie also put it in front their face, just same as me and my sis=))

Before that we went to Chocolate for dinner! Yes don't think the chocolate fondue not enough to fill your stomach, you're wrong! We eat until the end still cannot finish few pieces of fruits@.@

My Dear Corrine

With Strawberries, Oranges, Kiwis, and Bananas. And also marshmallow!

Fondue with S.H.E:p





黑妞的妈 said...

now only update this "historical" movie outingz~~oommg!!i cant believe it!!
and..where is my "PRETTY" picture??the one we took at backseat one fast upload leh...turtle crys!

Jessica said...

sweet chocolate happy moments...
i hope you always have this happy moments...especially when u're on your way to redang! have fun~muacks