Friday, September 11, 2009

Redang Day 1:)

Yeah yeah yeah I went to Redang! It's so so so so fun we just planned it 2 weeks before we set off:) Everything is just so spontaneous. The accomodation the bus ticket the whole trip, I love it so much! And know what, I went with my colleagues. They are all so fun and nice:D

And below will be lotsa photos and photos! After I filter it still got 100 over photos for me to post! Of course all photos not only credited to my own camera, also to Hwee Hwee's:)

Breakfast in KT


Me and Pat

We tooking Sarah!

WieVien and Pat

The COST for whole trip except liquor:p


Pat with the hat


The market



HweeHwee and Pang with their hat

The resort we stayed


Me, Eeling and HweeHwee

Pat and Pang

HweeHwee and WieVien

Eeling and Me

Yes we reaching!:D:D

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:: yvonne :: said...

miss the moment i spend in redang.. hope to go back to there again :) gal, post more!!! i wanna see more pic ><