Friday, March 13, 2009

First staff purchase.

Emporio Armani 09548RNGJS. My first staff purchase with below over half of the retail selling price. Well, I never bought branded sunglasses before but this time I just feel I have to own it. Maybe it's because.. This is the FIRST ever staff benefit I got. So I want fully utilize it.

Another one coming on end of this month. I not really intend to buy anything so I 'borrow' this op to dear's bf. Rayban Aviator? Hmm..

Another colleague's bf want to get that too. Nice ke?


Evelyn`Wann said...

wow armani seh

Andrew said...

wahh... nice wor~ i also want one can ar?? well, it's good that we see company do have incentives for their staffs though!! =D

Satkuru said...

walau .... the most expensive pair i had barely touched 20 bucks. no wonder lar my eye sight is failing on me. LOL

good that you spend on a good pair of sunnies :)

didn't know companies give such incentives :D