Monday, March 2, 2009

Stop being so 机车!

Ok seriously I hate ppl being so 机车!
What for u being so calculative since we stay together?!
Is it so important that who go pay the electrical bill?
Is it so important that who clean the toilet but who didn't?
What for u always been so serious when talking?!
What for u keep thinking that u are what the f*** so liao bu qi?!
It's hard to be housemates for facing u everyday u know?!!!!!

Well I think my level of tolerance as I can tolerate YOU as housemate for this half year.

Well I'm proud of myself and pei-si u!

I don't f***ing care u read this or not because I know u won't since u not even online surfing net!

What a bored person you are..........


Andrew said...

haha... chill chill!! LOL +D its quite funny when you are writing as if you are telling her but yet she's not gonna online.. LOL +D

cool weh!

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Haha, seems like you're dealing with a bad housemate! I've been renting rooms and staying outside ever since I graduated from secondary school, met different kinds of weird and certain good housemates too. Just cool down... ^^ nothing's more important than a smile on your face.

crystal250886 said...

andrew, HAHA coz she not going to online read abt my blog..

oh she not even know i own a blog!!=))

crystal250886 said...

christina, seriously my uni-housemates is all so nice and friendly!!

unlike now this one................................