Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ban Mee Lunch

Food Food Food..!!!!

My colleague had recommended me go for this ban mee which near my office. She said there always full house as they targeted mostly to those who work nearby.

As I go...

Full House!! I thought the FULL HOUSE means many ppl but at least no need stand outside to wait for seat. But the truth is I need to@.@

'Have u BAO BAO today?' (Bao Bao is the restaurant's name)

There are only 4 types of choices with 3 different kinds of ban mee or mee hun kuey~

Some types of chilies..

But I still love sambal the most..!!!!:D

Every table is given the exactly number pairs of chopsticks and spoon=.=lll

My colleague order the spicy garlic flavour. They will provide u an extra bowl of chili spices. U must add in ALL before u ate:P

I order the original gon lou. Mine 1 need to add extra sambal only nice! It's so nice after add in.

Anyway u can have a try when u pass by Dataran Prima. It just located at the shoplot NEAR Datarn Prima:)

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