Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Specially thanks to........

Don't doubt. My manager bought me and a girl colleague one box of tart.
He just left the box on my desk and some words.."For u both to eat~"
Then he left right after he said that.....

So this entry is specially thanks to my manager Mr. Jake. I know he won't read my blog as he don't know I own this blog:P
Oops, he don't even know I update blog in office=)) He outstationed to national convention already what:D
Please la. I got done my job 1 k~
I know u treat us good but please don't always assign task to me on 6pm. Everyone, 6pm is my off time@.@~


-waiseng- said...

wht is ur manager number? i call him and say u blogging :D

Nice not that tart? mine leh?

how's jogoya?

I'm reading PS I Love You too. Nice :D

crystal250886 said...

waiseng, shhhhhhhhh..i wont give u my manager's number 1..
he back today looo:P

tart of course nice la..
u din buy me tart still want me buy u ah:P

i din buy ps i love u now leh......
reading 'The Sister Keeper' now:D

-ritchie- said...

aww.. ur manager treat u so good.. if i got manager like that so good i'll work even past 6pm.. but i got 1 colleague treat me very good.. so whatever and whenever he ask me to do things for him i'll do it without complaint cause he treat me eat nice food.. hehe