Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love rainyday

下雨天 -

A song that I listening all the times recently. My dear colleague almost beat me for keep repeating in office that day=))

Well, now I only listening it when I'm on the way back home from office:P

*A song that fully represent my feelings now....*


~::*♀*mIyUkI*♀*::~ said...

hmmm...i prefer a bright sunny day...i dun like rainy days..

3ugene said... does make us review bck some scene..and miss some one^^

crystal250886 said...

miyuki, i dun really like sunny day..
rainyday more lovely what:)

crystal250886 said...

eugene, it's fully represent my feeling now:D

-ritchie- said...

wow.. nice song.. who is the singer?

crystal250886 said...

ritchie, it's song of 南拳妈妈:)