Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Mooncake

Last Sunday is the Chinese Mooncake Festival. That is the first time ever I wish I could be at JB home. I no need to worry no snowskin mooncake to eat. I no need to worry I will spend the day by myself. Now only I know how pity it is when u have to celebrate some specific kind of festival alone:(

This is the mooncakes gifted by my company. Everyone has one box. 4 biji inside and please tell me how could I finish it by my own?@.@

Anyway, to filled in my loneliness, I cooked myself my favourite dessert tong-yuen!

Don't doubt I can finish all by myself!:D I even cook another pot of it on the other day. Hoho~

Tomorrow is public holiday. Wait let me check my calendar.. It's Nuzul Quran. It just specific for some states only. And I'm in the Selangor now!! Sorry for Johorian:P

What should I do tomorrow?? I think it will be my reading day:D I currently reading 'My Sister's Keeper' by Jodi Picoult. I had bought it around 2 weeks ago but till now I just finish 80++ pages of it@.@~

I have to keep it up and go for the P/S I Love You by Cecelia Adhern! Actually I had read the chinese version which I bought in Taiwan but SOMEBODY keep telling me the english version will be better.

*Miss Lee, I go to buy the english version already! Will read it after I finish Sister's Keeper:D


Jessica said...

wahhhhh...got mooncake, got tong yuen.... wahhhhhhh..... i share my stomach with ya! :)

leo said...

hmm...too bad cant hav mooncake this year as i ws undergo my traning that time..
wat company u work v?
good luck ya~

crystal250886 said...

jessica, tongyuen is selfmade:P

crystal250886 said...

leo, i work in focus point HQ:)