Friday, September 12, 2008

Office Look

Now only I realize I haven't show u how my office look like:P

Actually last 2 week my office is under renovation. Don't know why I'm so lucky after start working here then they start renovate. And I'm so lucky have to help tidy up and move all those heavy files and documents. No doubt the PC too@.@

Now show u guys some corner of my office:D

My department- RSD (Retail Sales Department)
This is after renovation. Else u will see the messier office:P

My desk. Full with post-notes. Thanks for 3M product=.=lll
My pc desktop changing different snow scene everyday:D

My little pinky bottle is so so important to me~~~~~

See I got so THICK stack of documents need to settle:((

My access card. Need this only can enter my company.

My seat can see my manager straight away. So he always like to call me do things instead of another colleague@.@~

Overall my colleagues all very friendly la. Got a colleague still purposely da bao to office accompany me for lunch when my lunch-mate not in that day=))

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