Thursday, September 25, 2008

Full House

Last week able to meet up with Connie dear. Really so so so happy to meet up with her. Although we not able to do any shopping but we able to chat some:) She bring me to niu-ze-shui for dinner~

So happy!

The menu

Full House

The counter

Got a poo-poo car 'park' at right in front the entrance:D

Me and Connie dear


Meatball Bolognese

Sandwich. Only fries nice=.=lll

I will do visit here again. For the environment:P


=MiyUki= said...

i love ur red jacket!!XD

crystal250886 said...

from Pull & Bear:D

-ritchie- said...

where izzit? look very nice..

crystal250886 said...

ritchie, it's at niu ze xui in PJ~

-ritchie- said...

huh? pj? got place like tat?