Saturday, September 20, 2008

so spontaneous..~

I'm back in JB now..!!!!! wahahaha so happy:D

Last night i call my dad to complain my boringness, he told me today is my grandma's kei yat. Asking me whether I want follow my aunt who staying in KL too back to JB..!! Of course I want la..~

So today morning after I pack some stuffs I follow my aunt and uncle back JB..!! Here I am. I going to stay here for 24 hours. Which mean tmr after lunch I will back KL again. Oh I'm so busy now later need go dinner with 2 aunts and their families and my parents. Late night maybe meeting some friends~

This weekend is considered family weekend so so sorry for not able to meet other friends.

To show my happiness..........................

Yippie..!! Back to my sweet sweet home:D

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