Thursday, September 11, 2008

Euro Deli Nice!

This is purely a food blog:D
Coz the food attracted me till I forgot to take photo of person:P

Anyway this is a great meal I taken with my sis and bro in law. As my bro in law always 'remind' me that after I get my job I must treat him meal. Coz he always fetched me to different interview.

Dear Jie-Fu,
I will only get pay once I START job ok!! Not after I get job laaaaaa@.@

Thanks for Waiseng's intro. Seriously I will visit there again I really satisfied with the food there!:D

Not so attractive menu but including all the nice food inside:D

Bread also very nice:)

Fruit Punch Juice! Sweet yet nice~

U can buy the fresh meat and sausage over there. Bottle juice available too.

Bread and wine stalk

Lot lot lot of ppl...I think next time I should book before I go..~

Corrine's order

My pork knuckle!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I want it now@.@

Jason's order

Sorry la I forgot the name of their order already:P

Euro Deli is located in Damansara Kim. Anyone who want to go please don't ask me direction as my direction sense really not that good.....Plus that time is night time......But maybe if u bring me along I can guide. MAYBE la=))

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